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How to hygge the Danish way...

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Photo by Rufus Gifford

Photo by Rufus Gifford

Learn to work hygge into your everyday routine…

By now the word is out. Hygge has become an everyday phrase for many people in the world wanting to simplify and reconnect with everyday pleasures. As you probably know, hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is a danish word that is a little tricky to translate. Yes it can mean cozy and yes it can also mean a sense of well-being and comfort. It can also engender a feeling of contentment and conviviality. You can hygge in a group, with your partner or even completely alone. It can be both very personal or a shared feeling.

But hygge is not always something the Danes deliberately try to do. It simply is just a part of the culture here. Perhaps it was a way to find comfort in the bleak, dark winters. For many it’s just a mindset that can turn the climate or situation into something near and cozy. It’s a frame of mind that makes whatever you’re doing a little more enjoyable. You can even think of it as a mindfulness activity. A way of being present.

So how do you find the time to hygge? Simple. The Danish way to hygge is just work it into your everyday routine. The following are ten examples on how to hygge the Danish way. All it involves is taking a mundane activity and giving it a personal, cozy twist. In danish you say ‘jeg hygge mig med det,’ which roughly means, ‘I am enjoying myself with it.’

  1. Fold the laundry while listening to your favourite music.

  2. Relax after you come home from work by putting on slippers.

  3. Pour yourself a glass of wine while you make dinner and listen to your favourite podcast.

  4. Put on a knitted sweater and curl up with a crime novel.

  5. Light a candle at dinner.

  6. Do the dishes while talking with a friend.

  7. Take a hike in the woods. Pack a blanket, snacks and a thermos of cocoa.

  8. As a way of getting through the work week, celebrate like the Danes, with ‘fredagsbar’ (having a beer after work with colleagues) or ‘fredagsslik’ (buying candy with your kids and watching Disney cartoons).

  9. Have a lazy Sunday. Lay in bed late, drink coffee and read the newspaper.

  10. If all else fails, add cake.

Otherwise, just have fun. There are no rules. So go out and find your own way to hygge.

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